Journal of a UK newbie postgrad

Guinnevere Sung
2 min readDec 20, 2019

Time flies… it has been 3 months already!

Currently, I’m a postgrad student studying in the U.K. I won’t say everything is perfect here, but I will say so far people I met here other than my classmates are great.

Coming from a different country, I have personally experienced so many cultural/ educational differences (not shockings) during these three months. In the beginning, it is always hard to get used to the ‘how are you’ conversation or have a ‘natural and no-pressure’ small talk, because back in my hometown, we don’t have that habits and cultural customs. Until now, I still feel a little bit awkward to have a small talk with people, but I now can be more open-minded and feel more comfortable with saying ‘how are you/ have a nice …’ conversation with people.

It is all start from the first attempt. The more I push myself to say them, the more I feel ‘into’ in this culture and the more I find the warmth from the culture. Every time I say them, I always think ‘I made my day, and I probably made others’ days.’ The happiness of greeting others is mutual and I genuinely feel it here.

Another experience that is unforgettable is the student forums with the teaching faculties. The way they hold the meetings are different from what I used to have in Asian education. Everybody in the meeting is equal. The students are treated as individuals whose comments and advice are being taken into account. Other than that, the atmosphere of the forums is surprisingly so casual and comfy but when it comes to serious matters, all the members will discuss them seriously and find ways out. What surprise and impressed me the most is the flexibility of the British style of the meetings in terms of being able to balance the ratios of casual conversation and the important issues.

As an outsider, I do feel lonely but the time will deal with it. For me it is truly my pleasure to get to know the people here and experiencing the culture here.

New challenges are in the near future and I will do my best to update them not only to record them but also to remind the future me of how wonderful it is to step out of the comfort zone.